Eradicate Waste

That’s it, this is our vision. Eradicate waste. Every place & every situation.

Our Mission: Help forward the sustainable circular economy to minimize waste and create innovative new materials that bring a significant positive impact to our world.

We use advanced scientific insights and modern methods to create the material of the future. Our technologies give a second & better life to the excess produced during beer and wine production, converting into compostable, edible, and highly functional alternatives to the wasteful single use plastics.

Rediscover our world with Outlander Materials


“Captain Planet, he's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!”

This inspired us years ago, to source solutions that relieve our dear Planet Earth from all the stress we put on her.

We’re on a relentless quest: What can we do differently to create sustainable, eco-friendly, compostable materials to replace traditional plastics?

From a biotech starting point, we convert waste into something useful again. Something that replaces the need for materials that are soon - hopefully - obsolete. Reducing waste, converting it into new materials that are Planet Earth friendly.

Our aim is to develop these materials into common resources for the packaging & horticulture industries and to challenge the industry along the way to take the next step into sourcing eco-friendly materials. Not only sustainable or compostable, if needed even edible :)
With Outlander Materials, circular, compostable, even edible, packaging material made from sustainable waste is here today.

“The Power Is Yours“ Partner up with us to take pollution down to zero