Circular Packaging
for a Brighter Future

A bio-based, fully compostable solution to regular plastics that returns to nature at the end of its life-cycle,
creating minimal waste and zero microplastics.


The UnPlastic!

If the contents last only a few moments, why should the wrappers last an eternity?


Outlander Materials is on a mission to evolve the packaging industry. We are developing a new bio-based packaging solution that is fully compostable and will never break down into microplastics.  Our method doesn’t require virgin resources. Instead, we are able to minimize waste by utilizing the excess from beer brewing, which we convert into functional, compostable, and transparent “UnPlastic” that simply return to nature when the job is done.


“Beer can change the world! I don’t know how, but it will.”



Because we use the excess produced from beer brewing, our packaging solution is one of the most eco-friendly to enter the market, and it allows us to set up facilities together with any brewery across the globe.




Rotterdam City of Innovation Campaign


The New Dutch Wave - SXSW 2019 Trade Show

Top 30 of ASN Bank World Award 2019

A challenging competition for sustainable startups with three themes: people and society, nature and environment and climate protection. The winner will win the grand prize with the total value of 55.000 euros.


ING Circular Enterprise Award 2019 Nominees

Celebrating Sustainable Tuesday, a special day on which sustainable ideas and initiatives get a podium in politics The Hague. The most sustainable, innovative and distinctive ideas and initiatives have the chance to win prizes and the opportunity to give the idea or initiative an extra boost.

Keynote Speaker at Kind Earth. Tech

A part of a gathering of the brightest foodtech innovators, working together to design the future of food. Outlander Materials as a speaker about circular economy. Unique network-building event between scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and corporations.

BioVoice Challenger

BioVoice is a platform for bio-based innovative businesses. They conduct bio-based challenges as a starting point for companies to meet supply and demand for bio-based innovations and bring them to the market.

October: Falling for Beer

Featured in October, a global platform showcasing beer and the brewery world. The article emphasize on how the circular brewery can share the commitment to building a more sustainable future with UnPlastic.

Rotterdam SXSW 2019 Winner

The New Dutch Wave. As part of this program, startups are given the opportunity to present their company to potential international investors, media and incubators. They increase their chance of gaining a foothold in the United States and finding investments for their startup.

TechTrends: #SXSW2019

Featured in TechTrend, a global platform showcasing technological innovations. Outlander Materials is featured during SXSW Conference & Festivals 2019.

Sustainable Packaging from Beer Waste

Featured in Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken (The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging), as a part of the community of sustainable packaging innovators.

Solutions to Plastic Waste

Featured by We Share Ventures, a non-profit foundation committed to creating ideal conditions for startups and young talents to make an impact. Featured as one of the Dutch company who fights plastic pollution.

New Materials: UnPlastic

Featured in BlueCity as a BlueCitizen, about the founder’s journey to tackle single-use plastics with UnPlastic.


Blue City, Rotterdam, The Netherlands