We always feel that for design to be ethical or responsible it has to sacrifice something. Usually the something that is sacrificed is the sensuality or the formal elegance. But it’s not true,” Antonelli explained.

”It’s about design that has to do with the environment, with wasting less, with recycling more, with repairing things better and also with connecting to other human beings and to other species better,
— Paola Antonelli

Our unique material is vastly applicable across different industries, though we believe the greatest value to society comes from pursuing applications within packaging and horticulture.
Prime examples are; single use films for candy wrappers, fruits, and vegetables.

Our packaging solutions don’t follow the traditional set of rules. Instead we create packaging that can easily match our packaging needs while elevating the standard in life cycle design. From beginning to end, Outlander Materials reduce waste, can be produced locally, and cause no harm at the end of their very useful lives.
A circular solution that leaves nothing behind except a beautiful legacy.


  • Compostable

  • Edible

  • Non-Toxic

  • Transparent

  • Odorless



  • Plastic Free

  • Zero Microplastics

  • Printable

  • Lightweight

  • Extends Shelf Life


  • Antimicrobial Characteristics

  • High Oxygen Barrier Resistance

  • Reduce Water Vapor Exchange

  • Increases Blended Composite Properties