Lori Goff

Founder & CEO of Outlander Materials

Biotechnologist - Underground Beer Brewer - “Bioneer”.

Lori founded Outlander Materials as an endeavor to pioneer the field of edible and compostable alternatives to single use plastic films - made from the excess of beer brewing facilities.


Juriaan Blommaert

Fighting food waste one plastic free cream puff at a time.

Our head of Logistics & Regulatory, Juriaan was once a pastry chef for Michelin restaurants across Europe. He’s driven to develop sustainable food systems, where we minimize waste and implement innovative solutions that maintain high quality and safety throughout our entire supply chain.


Larissa Saffanah Arif

Design that matters and for impact.

She was one of the winners at the European Innovation Academy 2019, as the Chief Officer of Design of a startup that tackles the decrease population of bees. With her background on industrial design engineering, Larissa aims to design and develop sustainable packaging and to create a circular lifecycle of single-use plastic packaging.